QuAnn is rethinking the traditions of fashion through eco chic luxury design. Inspired by an aesthetic that embodies elegance and understated design, QuAnn's vision communicates confident luxury through textures, fit, colour and carefully designed details. QuAnn is the rebirth of fashion, it is about style and the conscious clothing that we wear that represents who we are – as individuals and as contributors to a better and more fair world…oh, and is extremely Avant Garde. Our collection is committed to being nothing short of magnificent. 

QuAnn is an exclusive collection offered on the social impact fashion platform ANNKM. We are proud to align with the core values of ANNKM with a focus on fairness and social impact.
QuAnn collaborates with different designers who represent the same core values. The principal designers of QuAnn are: Ann Kaplan Mullholland, Evan Biddell,
Christopher Paunil and Michael Zoffraneri.
50% of the net revenue from purchases of QuAnn pieces go to charitable causes selected by our Principal Designers. We are earmarking to support UforChange (disadvantaged Youth) and will choose different charities to support periodically.
Photo by: Kal Ata


If you are a designer who aligns with our core values: sustainability, charity, inclusivity, etc. and you would like to be a collaborative designer with QuAnn please feel free to contact us. hello@annkm.com